After Almost Four Years, Business Aviation Gains Congressional Endorsement of Transportation Administration Access Certificate (TSAAC)

House Subcommittee Report Language Signals Congressional Support for Voluntary General Aviation Security Program.
Washington, DC, May 6, 2005 -- The Greater Washington Business Aviation Association (GWBAA) and NBAA were encouraged by language included in a Congressional spending bill supporting the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) plans to continue moving forward on development of the Transportation Security Administration Access Certificate (TSAAC), a voluntary general aviation security program.
The report language on TSAAC approved by the House Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee was part of the homeland security funding bill for fiscal year 2006.  The text spoke favorably about the TSAAC program, encouraged the TSA to move forward with its development, and instructed the Agency to report back to Congress in January 2006 on plans to enhance or implement TSAAC.
GWBAA and NBAA appreciate this strong signal of support for the TSAAC program sent by Congress.  TSAAC will provide the right balance between freedom of mobility and homeland security.  GWBAA and NBAA will continue to work with leaders in Congress and federal security officials to move the program forward.
In the years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, NBAA has worked with federal security officials to develop and test TSAAC, a voluntary pilot program with security procedures including corporate background checks on flightcrew and ground crew personnel, screening/inspection of passengers and baggage, integration of pre-flight, in-flight and ground-security programs, and utilization of threat intelligence.  GWBAA President Bob Blouin added: “TSAAC has been tested with business aviation operators at three New York-area general aviation airports and feedback from TSA has been very positive.”
In December of last year, the TSA endorsed the TSAAC initiative, and committed to work with our industry to further enhance and expand participation in the program.  Since that time, GWBAA and NBAA have continued to promote the TSAAC program with local officials as well as Congress and the Administration.
NBAA has been working closely with the House Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Hal Rogers.  This is a very positive step forward to make TSAAC a reality for the business aviation community.
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